BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: ‘All I Wanted’ by Savannah Conley (Video)

Apr 17, 2018

If Tuesdays usually make you sad, well, this new video we’re premiering from emerging singer-songwriter Savannah Conley will only make you more sad – but in a good way! Today sees the release of her new video for “All I Wanted,” a song off her recently released EP, Twenty-Twenty. The track, produced by Dave Cobb (Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton), explores the idea of loneliness with Angel Olsen-esque vocals and a slight, eerie twang. The video pushes this idea even further, showing Conley sinking in her bed, driving in a car, and taking a bath – all alone.

“This song is a culmination of a lot of feelings about a singular relationship I was in,” the singer told Baeble. “It ended and I realized that all I had ever needed was that specific person, not any of the extra stuff I thought I wanted. This video captures the overwhelming loneliness of that feeling.”


Watch it here.